ECM Reprogramming & Repairs

ECM Reprogramming

The ECM is the power control module for heavy duty engines and or power control module for your tractor engines and automatic transmission for control computers such as trucks. Send us your faulty unit and we will send it abroad to be repaired with an associated cost and send it back to you within 24-96 hours OR we will come to you at an additional cost.



Coming Soon…

Real Power Diesel will repair, upgrade and test ECM’s. Ideally, we will be reprogramming to give you higher horsepower settings and newer more fuel efficient programs at reasonable prices. If the unit has a burned board then we will not be able to repair it.

ECM Sales

We have Cummins, Detroit and Caterpillar Engine Control Modules (ECMs) for sale.


ECM Exchange

Leave us your core ECM and take a Rebuilt and Refurbished ECM from our inventory. We will reprogram your new ECM to your vehicle’s specs and custom parameters.

A core ECM is required for this service.

Tips for ECM Management:

  • Troubleshoot ALL Trouble Codes that were present with the old ECM or before the ECM repair.
  • If you had Injector problems, replace fuel solenoid, even if it checks out OK, a faulty fuel solenoid can damage the ECM.
  • Have all your Injectors tested and/or replaced.
  • Make sure your batteries are OK and give at least 12 Volts
  • If your batteries give less than 6 volts, replace them.
  • Test and/or replace the Throttle Position and Engine Positioning sensors
  • Check wiring harness for shorts.
  • Rebuilt starters that don’t have an Override Relay can also be a problem for the ECM.
  • Never use your ECM on other engines, as any faults in the engine wiring, sensors, solenoids, injectors, etc., can damage your ECM.